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Practice the pause to choose the best response to every situation.

KStart training your pause muscle. Pause before speaking, pause before reacting and pause before breathing.Then all will be well in your career and your lifetime achievement in your life.

This is one of the things I learned from watching highly influential interviews.There is almost always a pause to create a suitable response. This happens even when they have to defend themselves.

Really trying to implement this in every conversation. I have noticed such a difference.

Pausing before speaking and picking better responses is making me a much better conversationalist.people like it when they get to talk longer.

Silently count to applies to almost every situation. After five seconds, someone will fill the will either be you with more controlled words or someone else.pausing before acting helps avoid I I advice you that u take a deep breath before you speak and you won't stutter .you will have more confidence in you.

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