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Unathi takes some time to refresh at a spar and she said it is important for her health

Unathi has been living the great lifestyle since she was no longer working on radio or being fired. She is not letting her bad moment or that she has going through being fired. It can happen to anyone at any time and how you choose to live your life, whether happy or heartbroken, is crucial.


From her words she said on social media, "The largest organ on the human body. An organ that needs care like all other organs. Spent the morning at my favourite spa in the world. Africology for my regular slimming detox wrap. Have a blessed weekend beloveds."

She loves the spa treatments and she does go there at times when she needs to. When you have something that is great for you, there is no reason to let it go away and what is important is the results. If she was not happy, it would have been a different story and her routine is also good for the body.


She is having a time where she is taking some time to spar rather than just attending entertainment venues. She loves making sure that she is maintaining her transformation or body size. It is not easy to reach your favorite body size. You will have to water it after your transformation. But she is treating herself by spending money on a spat that other could not afford.


It is being called a "summer body" when they are working for it. Other people start from the beginning of the year and when the summer season comes, they have the results they have been working for. With Unathi, she has already achieved her dream transformation and now it is about maintaining it. That is why she is making sure her lifestyle will not jeopardize her hard-earned results.

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