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Principles That Lead To Riches

Just like any organisation, a human has to be governed by certain principles. Principles plays a huge role in shaping people's and organisations vision and mission.

Here are 13 principles that Napoleon Hill came up with :

1. Desire

Desire is that burning sensation in the heart that keeps us going. Wishing will not bring riches instead desire it and try by all means to gather necessary steps to move forward.

2. Faith

When desire start to germinate it becames emotionally attached and that gives one a sense of purpose and hope. If one wakes up everyday feeling hopeful that will create faith in that person.

3. Auto-suggestion

Auto-suggestion is all about our daily thoughts impulses. What we think becomes, so if you searching for riches you have to emit positive thoughts. Most importantly practice meditation.

4. Specialised knowledge

You have heard of the saying, "knowledge is power" but what you dont know is that knowledge only becomes power when it's used to gain what you desire.

5. Intuition

This is the sixth sense, that little voice in the head. Our intuition is more like a guidance from the unirvese. It helps us to detect bad and good energies from a distance.

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Desire Napoleon Hill Principles Riches


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