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Health benefits of eating chilies.

Chilies are hot and can cause a burning sensation of the mouth while you are consuming them and maybe some intestinal side effects on others but they have several health benefits also .They can help in relieving pain since they contain capsaicin which gives them their spicy and hot kick and it affects the neurotransmitters that communicates pain signals to the brain which ends up reducing the perception of pain. To those who want to lose weight chilies is the right medication for you. I am sure by now you might be wondering how , well as you already know that chilies contains capsaicin which helps in the process of fats conversion into heat meaning that when one consumes chilies the fats in the body are being burnt every time and weight is being lost.

Ulcer is one of the most problematic illness that one could ever think of and is not by any means caused by chilies but rather the capsaicin from chilies inhibits acid secretions in the stomach and stimulates alkali which lowers the formation of ulcer. Chilies improves the health of your heart all because of the heat produced by capsaicin that converts fats which might form coronary artery blockages that may lead to heart diseases. Its good to consume a little bit of chilies now and then because our bodies needs it. Give the body what it needs for its survival.

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