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The Reason Many Men Sweat At Night - OPINION


Regardless of the season, do you frequently wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat? Unrest is frequently brought on by excessive sweating while you're trying to sleep.

However, nocturnal sweats in men are not unheard of, even if we may more often associate restlessness and heavy perspiration with perimenopausal women. In fact, it's estimated that hundreds of thousands of people—many of them men—have to deal with excessive perspiration while they sleep in the UK.

But why do so many men experience excessive nighttime sweating? Continue reading to learn what causes night sweats in men and what steps you may take to lessen the symptoms of nighttime sweating.

What makes guys get nocturnal sweats?

You might discover that your disrupted sleep leaves you feeling exhausted, angry, and unable to concentrate throughout the day if you frequently break out in hot sweats at night. However, your companion will likewise find it unpleasant to wake up with sopping wet bedding. Therefore, determining the likely cause may help you more effectively pinpoint approaches to lessen the signs and symptoms of hot sweats in males.

Always visit your doctor to discuss your symptoms if your nighttime sweats persist or you feel worried.

What causes heat flashes in males then?

low amounts of testosterone

Falling levels of the hormone testosterone can sometimes be used to explain night sweats in males over 40. Your testosterone levels naturally start to decrease as you get older. Male night sweats may develop if levels drop more quickly than usual. In addition to increasing body fat, erectile dysfunction, and diminished libido, night sweats in men over 40 can present with other symptoms. Consult your GP to learn more about the causes of hot sweats in males if you think this might be the likely culprit.

reduced blood sugar

The signs of nocturnal hypoglycaemia, which include headaches, hot sweats in men, and insomnia, can occur if your blood sugar or blood glucose level drops during night. Low blood sugar is one of the most likely reasons of night sweats in men over 50 because it is frequently linked to diabetes.

disease or fever

Even if you don't feel very ill and have a low-grade fever, you may find that a few degrees of an increase in body temperature can cause you to sweat profusely at night. Male night sweats symptoms can also be caused by more serious conditions like various autoimmune disorders.

adverse drug reactions

Men may have heat sweats from a variety of prescription medications, including steroids, various cancer therapies, and antidepressants. Consult your GP if you are worried that your medicine may be the source of your night sweats.

other causes of men's hot sweats

Did you know that a variety of frequently consumed foods might result in night sweats? Alcohol, caffeine, hot foods, and medications can make you sweat more than usual while you're trying to fall asleep because they stop your liver from producing glucose, which lowers your blood sugar. The symptoms of night sweats in men might also be exacerbated by intense exercise in the evening.

How to stop men's night sweats

Do you want to know how to stop men's night sweats? Unfortunately, many of the reasons why men experience night sweats are not easily treatable. There are, however, things you may do to at least try to decrease the pain brought on by excessive perspiration while you sleep.

Open a window in your bedroom or use a fan to move the air around to keep it cool. Additionally, it is advised that you stay away from hot foods, alcohol, and exercise just before bed. Additionally, keep a glass of cold water close to your bed so you can drink on it periodically during the night.

Looking for a long-term cure for men's hot sweats? Men who experience night sweats should choose bedding composed of natural fibers that will wick moisture from their bodies and aid in temperature regulation. Particularly when it comes to excessive nighttime heat sweats in males, wool duvets and bedding are renowned for their capacity to keep you warm and dry.

Men who experience night sweats frequently discover that the insomnia that follows has an impact on every aspect of their lives, from their ability to focus at work to how they handle relationships with friends and family. Your sleep quality should quickly improve if you try to identify a likely cause, seek assistance from your doctor if necessary, and try a few methods to lessen the symptoms of hot sweats in males.

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