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I have never seen a yahoo boy that has survived beyond 5 years — Nigerian Doctor writes

Source: Yabaleftonline

Internet scammers (Yahoo guys) have been targeted by a Nigerian doctor on his social media website, and he thinks there is no future for medicine.

A Yahoo Boy, according to Dr. Pengking, has never lasted more than five years.

The tweets he's made are below.

A Yahoo lad who has been around for more than five years is unheard of, to my knowledge.

People who join Yahoo condense a lifetime's worth of earnings into only five years. Because they realize they won't be around for long, they spend a lot of money.

There's a limit to how long Satan can give you something he knows you won't want to let go of. He must include a clause that will cause your death within a short period of time.

It's possible that they'll die in a variety of ways. In order to convince their customer to pay, they may transgress the rules of the devilish techniques they utilize, and so become insane or inexplicably die.

They could get caught up in the webs of an agency they can't bribe, like the FBI.

Don't be afraid of yahoo males who spend a lot of money. They have only a short time left on this earth. Those people's lives are not theirs to own. They have to eat feces with break, sleep with insane women, and bathe naked in the street.

Every month, a Yahoo boy would bark like a dog. When it happened, he had no idea when or where it would occur. Because of this, he was always accompanied by a group of hired men, who would escort him to his car if he needed to be bundled up in the event of an embarrassing incident in public.

In other cases, you can't even gift money to someone you love. You can only spend so much time and money on them at a time. They can't offer their mothers or girlfriends money because of this Why have money if you can't spend it on something that makes someone you care about happy?

Since 2016, I challenge you to name a ritualist or Internet fraudster who is still throwing money around in this year of 2021 and living a happy life despite their crimes.

Individuals now publicly advocate fraud and ritual money, which is awful, but these people are happy on the inside, and it's depressing to know that breaking even one rule might cost your life.

Nothing will ever compare to the satisfaction of earning a decent living through hard effort and dedication. Just because they spend a million dollars on a bottle of liquor in the club doesn't mean you should feel awful about it. It doesn't matter how little money you have, as long as it's legitimate, you're doing better than others.

You'll enjoy a long and healthy life, and God will shower you with blessings at some point. Keep the faith.

Source: Boozyn

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