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Bill Gates previous Vaccine caused the deaths of Children. Now Pfizer Vaccine shows new symptoms.

For a long time now there has been rumors going around about the negative effects of the Vaccines. While I personally did not want to believe it, my mind is being changed more and more each day. Symptoms have started to show in people who take the Vaccine that are troubling. While they are trying to assure us that everything is okay, I may not be so sure. Here's everything you need to know.

A quick and dirty solution :

We have viruses like HIV and Aids that are uncurable. These viruses have existed for years and no one has been able to develop a vaccine for it yet. However in just over a year, a vaccine for the Covid 19 virus was developed. Why did it happen so quickly and how did they manage to develop it. Some thing doesn't seem right about this and it's something I can't get my mind off. So let's look at some evidence as to why this is not okay.

Bill Gates and The Dead Children :

The Pfizer vaccine has started to create skin rash symptoms in a number of people, and while experts assure us that it is Safe. I can't help but remember that Pfizer and the Bill Gates foundation is linked together and that a previou vaccine that Bill Gates was involved in, cost the lives on many children. A full article on how the DTP vaccine cased the death of many children in Africa is linked below. However what we need to take from this is that a previous vaccine that Bill was involved in did cause deaths and it was only discovered until a while later. This personally troubles me.

Article on How DTP Vaccine caused the deaths of Children :

The Final problem :

The problem we are now left with is trust. The people who took the DTP vaccine trusted it and now we have the Covid vaccine which we are told to trust by experts. While I don't believe that there is any world conspiracy going on, I do believe that people should thoroughly research the Vaccine before they put their trust into it. I want to be free of Covid 19 as much as everyone else, but vaccine symptoms are popping up that no one told us about and we can assume no one knew about. What Will the next symptom be. Tell me what you think in the comments, this article is for educational purposes only. Follow for more news like this, as I publish.

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