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EFF:No One Should Be Forced To Vaccinate Says CIC Julius Malema See Here

The call to vaccinate people is a necessary call because you are in the middle of a pandemic which has claimed many lives so far but to force people to be vaccinated it is not necessary because the many people are surviving without any vaccinations.

Here is what Julius malema is saying.

MALEMA: We must vaccinate. But no one should be forced to vaccinate, even when stadiums open.

below are a few comment made by people who are also following their post on Julius malema's account.please also comment what you think should be done regarding this matter of vaccination


With Julius we're going five steps backwards and two steps forward. All alongside idea we had been marching to save lives however these days is another tune.

So you want stadiums to open and allow unvaccinated people? Is it so that as a country we are unable to defeat the pandemic? Why does the EFF want a state of ungovernability?

What pandemic... Real covid is gone only variants are left and the latest variant was weak.... No need to vaccinate.... The current vaccines are less effective for omicron meaning you must get booster shots which will also be useless coz we are not hospitalized or dying.


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