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6 Things That Can Happen To Your Body If You Drink Your Urine For Any Reason, Number 6 Can kill You

Everyone pees at some point during the day. The abundance of urine has led to a variety of folk medicines that use it to treat a wide range of ailments.

Drinking pee, despite the profusion of folk treatments, is considered dangerous and unhealthy by science. Drinking pee isn't even a good way to stay hydrated, contrary to what suspenseful survival flicks would have you believe.

If you drink your urine for any reason, the following can happen to your body, according to WebMD and Healthline:

1. Symptoms of a health problem

Urine contains a potent combination of salts and substances that your body is trying to eliminate. It's possible that ingesting any of these chemicals will have a detrimental effect on your health. Aside from that, there are no health benefits to consuming urine over other foods and beverages.

Dehydration is the second step.

This is the most common reason for drinking pee in movies and popular culture. While at sea or in the desert, some people are shown drinking their own urine in order to stay hydrated and avoid dehydration. It's quite unlikely that this will be of any use.

When you're dehydrated, the salt concentration in your urine rises dramatically. People who are dehydrated are more prone to urinating excessive amounts of salt.

When you eat too much sodium, it makes you thirstier. Increased salt levels in the body quickly lead to dehydration. A high salt concentration in urine can quickly generate a negative feedback loop that makes you feel thirstier even after drinking a lot of water.

The Feeling of Perspiration

When you sweat, the chance of drinking your own urine increases. Your body naturally flushes salts and water from your system when you sweat. When you lose salt through your urine, your electrolyte levels remain stable. On the other hand, ingesting salts from your excrement can lead to an increase in thirst and an increase in salt concentration in your body.

Medication interfering with

Many medications are excreted in the urine after being digested by the human body. Rather than breaking down, many medications leave your body in the same state they entered it in. Water-soluble medications like penicillin are examples of substances that can be eliminated this way.

Drinking urine containing any of these drugs is how you get them into your system. If the pills are ones you already take, you'll go much over the recommended dosages.. A drug that has not been approved for your use could be introduced into your system if you drink someone else's urine. If this happens, it could cause dangerous reactions and serious health problems.

Viruses and bacteria

Pee is not sterile, in spite of popular perception. Like any bodily fluid, it contains microbes, much like any other bodily fluid. Collecting urine may have introduced microorganisms from the genitalia of the urine source. Life-threatening infections can be caused by certain of these bacteria. Drinking any form of pee unless it has been sterilized one-by-one can have serious health consequences.

Damage to the kidneys

Your urinary system is extremely effective at removing toxins from your body. Toxins that build up in the body are expelled primarily through the urine. Urine serves as a waste disposal system for the substances your kidneys remove from your body. Toxins that your body was supposed to get rid of are being ingested by drinking pee. This might cause kidney damage or disease as a result of the kidneys having to work harder to deal with the increased amount of toxic chemical.

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