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Phomolong Is The Only Area In Gauteng Which Allegedly Never Has Load Shedding

Phomolong Section in Tembisa, Gauteng Province is the only area in Gauteng Province which never experience Load shedding. Although this is something that sounds a little bit extreme it is very real, and they can understand something like this is a major concern for the general public because they do not understand that load shedding can happen anywhere.

We have places that are simply very close to hospitals or have many hospitals creating a huge problem for the authorities to shut down the electricity, and that is why they are the way that they are.

Now people are throwing out ideas like people should stop striking for big salaries but instead they should start by striking for food, hospitals service and beter education in South Afrika this is the only way to get the government authorities to listen to them because there's no other way that they will be able to achieve their plan like this.

The people that srike cost South Africa Billions our friends and not only that it is clear that this is a major problem that the Power Utility is experiencing, but it is not the problem of the people and why are they affected so easily by these small protests.

They should just ensure that they do the right thing and pay people what they deserve and now we have incidences where the leaders in the power utility are basically blaming the people who are protesting, saying that their protests are causing all these problems that they have.

And that is something that has been seen by many people as a little bit odd because they're supposed to be having the amount of capacity that is able to withstand any kind of disturbance, not only that.

The power utility was throwing parties at some point for one reason and it was not clear why they were doing so during now it is in such disarray, showing that they are having some serious problems.

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