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Fresh News For People who Got the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

Date: 18/10/21



One thing is known in South Africa and is that a majority of its people have gotten vaccinated using the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The reason for this is because it was the only one that was available after the vaccine from India had to return because of its expiry date. Much different information came out regarding the Johnson and Johnson vaccine but the latest ones are the most shocking.


It has been reported that people who have gotten the vaccine from Johnson and Johnson are likely to need a second jab to increase its protection. It was said that due to the new variant of the virus, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is not as effective as it was thought out to be. To everyone's surprise, scientists have found that people who initially took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine will be more protected if they are to take a second shot of a different vaccine.

This comes after Johnson and Johnson approved its booster shot that everyone was going to take as a second shot of the vaccines to increase protection. Surprisingly, taking a second shot of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine will not be as protective as taking a second shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

This potentially means that people who initially decided to go for the Johnson and Johnson vaccines may have to take two different Vaccines in order to be fully protected from the virus. This is one of the first times this has been heard of.


As it has been said before, if you decided to go get vaccinated, you should have had full information about what you are doing. It is quite clear now that there is several new information that is going to come up with regards to vaccinations.

This then means that as a vaccinated person, you must be ready to get other jabs just in case information changes. This has also made people very hesitant about vaccinations because every day new information keeps on coming out.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Do you still feel confident about vaccinations after this information came out?

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