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More children under the age of 5 are being hospitalized due to Covid-19.

Vaccination against Corona virus which was first announced in South Africa in March of 2021 is currently under roll out. With that said the age groups that are allowed to vaccinate are the ones from 12 years to over 50 years of age. According to epidemiologists it seems like children under the age of 5 are being hospitalized during this new wave of Covid-19 infections. This is an age group that is currently not on the list of age groups that are allowed to vaccinate.

With school closing we hope that the number of school children being infected will decrease. And it will be of importance that guardians and caregivers take serious precautions as they move around to protect their children.

If you have a child who has flu like symptoms, immediately get medical attention. If you yourself are feeling a bit sick protect your loved ones by isolating yourself and get vitamins and flu medications.

Let's continue to sanitize, wear our masks and vaccinate.

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