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Covid-19| South Africa's Number Of Deaths Double Overnight, This is what it Means

Date: 24/09/21



The country of South Africa decided to move down to level 2 of the lockdown because the cases had started reducing each and every day. The cases went from being over 10 000 each day to as low as 2000 in the last few days. This showed that there was some kind of improvement going on. The deaths as well reduced from as high as 600 deaths a day a couple of weeks ago to 60 deaths recently. This however just recently changed.


On Friday the 24th of September, the cases of the virus in the country remained very low. Mainly because it's a public holiday and many South Africans are not going to test. The deaths, however, have doubled in the last 24 hours. The problem here is that the people who are dying are already in the hospital and regardless of the holiday, hospitals function. On Thursday, South Africa has recorded a total of 155 deaths from the virus.

This was a bit high, especially because it's level 2. The country was the. Shocked to see that the deaths doubled in the last 25 hours. This is largely surprising because the cases are supposed to be going down instead of up. This could mean multiple things. It could mean that the virus is becoming more deadly, hence the number of deaths increased so fast or it could mean there was a backlog of deaths recorded. This could make sense because of the number of cases being so low.


This is very worrisome. The country is busy looking forward to going to level 1 of the lockdown and if this continues like this, we may never see it. We hope to see if the deaths will increase again tomorrow and if they do, then we can be worried.

What is your take on the matter?

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