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Cannabis Vapes : Becoming popular for these reasons

Cannabis vaporisers is a new introduction for the convenience of weed smokers.Ever since it has been introduced it has been fast gaining popularity amongst weed smokers.

Many smokers have vowed to always smoke the weed vaporisers for reasons that includes :

1. Less or no weed odour : Unlike the normal weed that smells very strong and a foul odour after smoking on you, vapes are the weed oil heated up to produce vapour which doesn't smell or comes in flavours.So you are guaranteed to smoke without leaving a bad odour on you.

2. It's portable: Portable in the sense that you don't need to go about with many joints when leaving home.Unlike normal cannabis when you make a joint you have to finish it,with vapes you can have couple pulls now and also later.

3. It's discreet: With the new introduced flavours you might smoke in a public place and people around you won't get the smell of cannabis.

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