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Fitness Pregnant Mom, Takkies Dinwiddy does the Unthinkable

Nkateko Dinwiddy also known as Takkies never cease to amaze not even pregnancy could stop her from being a super woman. She danced and exercised her way to the delivery day. The creator of Rocking Heels Dance Workout program Takkies, blessed viewers from her early age on Shield Teen dance competition show. Little did we know that years later she would dance in heels, execute intensified exercises even on her last days leading up to her delivery day. All this phenomenal work was done with a glowing face and bright smile. Lots of pregnant women and those who have been there were found wanting and amazed throughout her fitness journey.

(Screenshot of Takkies doing extreme pregnancy sport on Instagram)

Even her followers kept on wondering how could she achieve such powerful moves given the circumstances. Some people were left livid and repeatedly asked her to relax and feared that she was putting her unborn child at risk. It was her second pregnancy and it just seemed like water over the duck. Her husband mentioned that this was her way of relaxing. Even her first daughter Sana Dinwiddy often joins her mother as she inspires people at home to engage in the fitness life. She makes it look so easy, here's more of the superb moves:

The fitness mom left those traditional and conservative ones livid and shook!

Takkies was born for this, look at how she managed to multi-task. She definitely is the Queen of many talents.

She kept on dancing even on her very last days before gave birth. Always wearing her glowing face and smile.

The fitness mom gave birth to a healthy baby girl and she still looked strong after all the hard work and pain at the labour and delivery stage.You can go see for yourself on her Instagram.

Afterall the hard work and fun dance moves the baby girl was born.

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