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Why Do Humans Have Palm Lines? Here Are Their Functions

Put down whatever you're doing and place the palms of both hands in front of your face for protection. What do you think you're seeing? Your palms are covered in a tangle of lines that crisscross each other. The lines on our palms are referred to as palmar flexion creases in medical terminology. When the baby is developing in the womb, these lines on the palms of our hands begin to appear during the 12th week of pregnancy, which implies that we are all born with these lines on our palms.

A single 'Simian crease' can be found on the palm of certain persons, while others have two major lines across their palms. This can be inherited properly on either one or both hands, but it has also been linked to Down's syndrome and other disorders in the past. Although palmistry asserts that the lines on your palm indicate your personality, there is no evidence to support this assertion.

The Scientific Functions of These Palm Lines Are Listed Below.

You are continuously picking things up, pulling and pushing them, squeezing them, turning and twisting them with your hands. Due to the sheer number of things we engage in with our hands, listing them all would be very futile.


Your hands must be able to adjust to various postures in order to do all of these physical tasks, and the skin that covers them must be flexible. As a result, if you stretch, fold, bend, or fist your hands, the skin must be able to move in the same direction as you do.


A layer of connective fibrous tissue (fascia) connects the skin layer to the skeleton in order for the skin layer to remain fixed to the bone structure. Because of this, the hand can hold securely without the skin moving out of place.

If it weren't for the lines on our hands, we'd have sacks of loose skin hanging out from between our fingers and palms. In addition to being a waste of skin tissue, it would also be a fairly unpleasant sight to view in the first place.

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