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Sad news/David Motau suspended and facing serious charges

The all-around battered picture of the Health Professions Council of South Africa has experienced another blow with its as of late named recorder, Dr. David Motau, showing up in court this week regarding supposedly degenerate installments adding up to R8.7-million identifying with his time as top of the Free State wellbeing division. Motau has since been suspended. 


The Acting Minister of Health, Mmamoloko Kubayi on Thursday, 5 August set the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) CEO and Registrar, Dr. David Boikhutso Motau, on preparatory suspension taking effect right now. She said the choice follows the division's receipt of "a notification of capture against Dr. Motau, corresponding to genuine claims of extortion and debasement during his residency as the Head of the Free State Department of Health". 

"Dr. Motau was designated HPCSA CEO/Registrar in June 2021 and his prudent suspension is required by the earnestness of the charges and its repercussion to moral elements in the wellbeing clique," said Kubayi. 


The charges identify with office tenders and agreements closed down between January 2011 and December 2015. Motau joined as head of the office in 2013. He surrendered in 2021 and took up the post of the recorder of the HPCSA towards the finish of June. 

On Monday, 2 August, Motau and 10 others showed up in the Bloemfontein Magistrates' Court on 304 tallies going from the negation of the Public Finance Management Act, imitation and expressing, to misrepresentation, debasement, and tax evasion. Motau himself is charged on 45 checks. 

Before he was requested to show up in court, Motau addressed Spotlight about his arrangements to change the HPCSA. On Tuesday, in the wake of being charged, he reacted to follow-up questions. 

He kept up with that he acquired a considerable lot of the issues identifying with the agreements and tenders, which the state asserts were bad arrangements when he joined the division. He was "not mindful of the supposed commission of such offenses". 

Motau additionally said he is "exclusively being charged for being in repudiation of areas in the Public Finance Management Act" and means arguing not liable when he and his co-blamed show up in court again on 22 September. 

A representative for the Director of Public Prosecutions in the Free State, Phaladi Shuping, said Motau faces 44 tallies of negation of the demonstration and one tally of "tolerating delight". 

Motau said he has kept in touch with the leader of the HPCSA since being charged and the charges "ought not follow him to his new job". 

HPCSA representative Christopher Tsatsawane didn't react to inquiries regarding any activity the board means to take considering Motau's legal dispute or his future at the HPCSA. 

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a man wearing a suit and tie

The disputable Buthelezi EMS emergency vehicle base in Bloemfontein. The Special Investigating Unit is researching the emergency vehicle contract. (Photograph: Spotlight)[/caption] 

The other denounced for the situation are Motsumi Polori and Kenosi Legobate, who are still workers of the commonplace wellbeing division, and resigned representatives Mietjies Johns, John Chakane, Maria Mabitle, and Lebohang Beqeze. Tsietsi Polori, Thabo Moeti, Mavuso Kwababa, Simon Njonga, and Charity Moloi, who were overseers of the ensnared organizations, make up the rest of. The organizations are Tsa Rona Consultancy, Azrago, Land Breeze Trading, Amakholwa Consultancy Training, and Zen Communications. 

As per the Director of Public Prosecutions, it is affirmed "that between January 2011 and December 2015 the authorities worked with and supported installments of cases for administrations that were not delivered by these organizations. The organizations were utilized by office authorities as vehicles to submit the offenses since they never delivered any support of the division." 

Motau and the other denounced were delivered on bail going from R2,000 to R5,000. 

History of debate 

The Free State wellbeing office was viewed as one of the nation's most exceedingly terrible performing for quite a long time. It was put under organization by the commonplace depository in years generally covering with Motau's time in the key position. The division recently disclosed to Spotlight it was under organization from 2014 to 2018 – in spite of the fact that it was removed from the organization for five days in February 2017, a period in which Motau closed down problematic cost increments for a private rescue vehicle organization shrunk by the office. 

Issues in the region that Spotlight has covered incorporate the dubious agreements with the emergency vehicle organization (at present being explored by the Special Investigating Unit), the acquisition of sub-par or improper clinical gear, and the charging of 94 local area wellbeing laborers who held tranquil fights outside the office's administrative center, Bophelo House, in Bloemfontein in 2014. 

Addressing Spotlight under the watchful eye of his court appearance, Motau would not go into points of interest on any of these issues. He just said it "was a perplexing climate where it resembled boring into a stone to get water" when attempting to convey medical services to 2.9 million individuals with financial plans that "you yell for what might seem like forever". 

Incomplete business 

Motau likewise said there was an incomplete business he would have gotten a kick out of the chance to have seen happen as expected in the Free State, remembering moving the need of maternal mortality for the region. The Free State registers one of the greatest demise rates among pregnant ladies and new moms in the country. By getting a political chief to seat gatherings on maternal mortality, he had would have liked to facilitate dynamic and let loose financial plans. He had likewise been currently developing cooperation with colleges to present new wellbeing-related frameworks and attempting to agree with the courts in obligation cases. 

His arrangement, Motau said, was to offer casualties court-endorsed bundles of care and administrations, not payouts. The territory's unexpected obligation bill was soaring. It remained at about R5-billion when he left his post before in 2021. 

"It will be hard to turn that corner in the area in light of the disappointments in the lower levels of care," he said. 

A brand disintegrated 

Motau additionally has enormous designs for the HPCSA, albeit that future currently appears to be dubious considering his court appearance. 

Prior to the current week's occasions, and before Spotlight knew about the charges, Motau, in a meeting, considered his new job at the gathering. 

He recognized that "the HPCSA's image has been dissolved" and that the committee has gotten eliminated from its individuals and general society. He called out the "absence of direness and spryness" that has come to characterize the committee's functioning society and which has made it drowsy, inconvenient, and ineffectual. 

It has gotten so eliminated from its individuals and the public that at one point the board essentially decided to cripple its online media stages in light of the multitude of negative remarks it was getting, Motau added. 

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The battered picture of the Health Professions Council of South Africa has experienced another blow with its enlistment center, Dr. David Motau, showing up in court this week regarding supposedly degenerate installments adding up to R8.7-million openly reserves. (Photograph: Spotlight)[/caption] 

Shaped in 1974 as a legal body, the gathering unites 12 expert sheets. It is intended to ensure general society by setting and maintaining principles, morals, and a set of accepted rules for the instruction, preparing, and enrollment of rehearsing wellbeing experts. It is likewise expected to ensure and advocate for its individuals who need to pay memberships to the committee to be authorized to work. The HPCSA is financed by these memberships. Right now it is portrayed as a going concern and in 2020 gathered yearly expenses of R223,174,168, however, its budget reports likewise reflect developing shortages that dramatically increased somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2020. 

For quite a long time the HPCSA has been hounded by helpless administration, fumble, and authoritative anomalies. Irreconcilable circumstances continue to emerge, as do the disrupted issues of conceivably unbundling sheets from the chamber, and the requirement for a more clear outline of capacities between its inner designs. 

As far back as the finish of 2015, an ecclesiastical undertaking group examination discovered ranking staff at the HPCSA ill suited to stand firm on their situations and featured far-reaching offense, unpredictable consumption, and inability to productively oversee activities. Drawn-out Special Investigating Unit tests from 2019, at last, prompted the prudent suspension, in April 2021, of 16 representatives ensnared in payoff and defilement in enlistment measures. 

Wanting to make something happen 

Suspensions are important for the outcome the board Motau talked about as a component of how he means to get the HPCSA's home altogether while attempting to work on the relationship with work – the chamber's 265 staff. "It's your staff who needs to carry out your systems and projects and you can't do that viably in case you're remaining external the entire time getting reminders," he said. 

Motau said an alternate relationship implies harmony among boosting and the following execution and not conveying deadwood in the association. "Your staff should feel like there's a motivation behind why they ought to get up and come to work every day, except you likewise must have consented to execution arrangements set up for expectations they should meet. They should feel every day that they have acquired their compensations, else they should glance in the mirror and ask themselves what they are fouling up," he said. 

A month and a half into the work, he said he has resuscitated the HPCSA web-based media platfo

Blow to Health Professions Council as new registrar David Motau suspended and facing serious charges (

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