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Many Chinese People Do This Every Night To Their Legs, See The Benefits

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Foot bathing history

Foot bathing is a common practice in China. Every night before bedtime, Chinese folks enjoy soaking their feet in hot water. They believe that taking a foot bath will wash away the day's fatigue and help them get a good night's sleep.

In China, foot bathing has a long tradition. The importance of foot health was mentioned in the first Chinese medicine book, "Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon," which was written over 2000 years ago.

Sun Si Miao (541-682 A.D.), a Chinese medicine practitioner known as "the king of medicine," summarized the health benefits of foot bathing in different seasons. Foot bathing in the spring tones the yang and avoids qi depletion; foot bathing in the summer removes dampness and heat; foot bathing in the fall strengthens the lungs and improves intestinal processes; and foot bathing in the winter warms the Dan Tian (energy center).

Foot baths have long-term health benefits:

1. They reduce fatigue.

Foot tiredness is a frequent ailment that develops after lengthy hours of standing or walking. This might cause your foot muscles to get overworked, resulting in unpleasant cramps and long-term discomfort. A hot water foot soak can help to enhance blood circulation while also relaxing the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the feet.

2. Calm the mind and improve the quality of sleep

"Our second heart is our foot." Bathing our feet can help to improve cardiac function and, as a result, relax our minds. A calm mind can assist us in falling asleep quickly.

3. Reduce your blood pressure

Our peripheral blood arteries expand after fifteen minutes of taking a foot bath, which helps to reduce blood pressure. Foot bathing on a regular basis (3-4 years) may reduce the need for blood pressure medication.

4. Improve the health and appearance of your skin

The stimulation of hormone secretion and improvement of skin health can be achieved by massaging the feet during a foot soak. In addition, a hot foot bath may generate some perspiration. Sweat can be used to remove heavy metals and harmful wastes from the skin.

5. Muscles and bones should be strengthened.

Foot bathing on a regular basis helps enhance blood circulation, allowing more nutrients to reach the feet. Feet muscles and bones can be better nourished and strengthened.

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