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We want to compel the Department of Health to initiate a product recall of Instant noodles

A family in the Eastern Cape is in distress following the deaths of their little children. According to reports an 11-year old girl was sent to buy a packet of instant noodles from a shop in New Brighton. Upon her return from the store, she and her siblings enjoyed their noodle snack, unbeknown to them that this would be their last meal. 

A few hours after the meal, the children travelled back to their mother's house in Motherwell, where they started feeling ill. The 11-year old complained of nausea, while her 7-year old sibling complained of stomach cramps and nauseaThe children sadly died on their way to the Motherwell clinic, including a 4-month old baby. Three children lost, in one sad tragedy. Police are investigating.

I always pack a few snacks for my daughter's day care bag. I usually include instant noodles, as they are quick and easy to prepare. I was astonished when I read another story involving deaths due to noodles, this time in Mpumalanga where two small children shared a packet of noodles before leaving for school. The children died soon after, never making it to school on the fateful day. The case is now with the police. 

We are calling on the Department of Health to:

  • initiate a product recall for the brands involved in these two cases. The department must visit factories for inspection and compile a report on their findings. We demand justice for the children who died after allegedly eating noodles. 
  • The department of Health to make Public the Noodles Brand that is killing people. 

Sources :change. Org

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