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What to do if your kidneys are painful ?

Kidney is the vital important organ in human body. This organs play a vital role by detoxyfying the poisonous substances from the body and the blood. If you consume something toxic, kidneys make sure that they get rid of that substance before it can caise furthercomplications for your body. That's why it is very unlikely to survive if your kidneys are not working properly.

Other things that cause the kidneys to be painful is the bad lifestyle we are living today. We eat too much junky food without excercising so the kidneys end up being under pressure and cause kidney failure. Most of the peoplewho suffers from kidney failure is either they consume too much alcohol or they have obesity. If you have kidney failure its going to be a problem.

If you suddenly experience severe kidney pain, with or without blood in your urine, you should seek emergency medical care. Sudden severe pain can often be a sign of a blood clot or hemorrhage and you should be evaluated immediately.

anotherway of dealing with painful kidneys is to drink something that can balance your body PH and flush out those toxic substances like drinking lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Lemon juice have proven to be beneficial when it comes to cleansen kidneys because it contains special acid that maintain the sugar levels & blood pressure of the body.

If your sugar levels & blood pressure are normal then it is highly unlikely to experience kidney failure because your body will be functioning under normal conditions and kidney stones won't develop inside your kidneys. Another way of making sure that your kidneys stay healthy is to drink alot 9f water during the day. Water is life so without it we cannot survive.

The kidney is the major player in the regulation of your blood pressure and the make up of the blood. Maintaining many hormones that are vital to our very existence, the kidneys even produce hormones that tell bones when to make more blood cells.

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