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Warning: If You Not Vaccinated, This Is What Might Happen In November And December.

Professor Salim Abdool Karim, an epidemiologist and infectious diseases specialist, warns that if people are to get sick during the likely Covid-19 fourth wave in the coming months, they must be completely vaccinated.

He claims that getting vaccinated will give patients a higher chance of surviving the virus during the fourth wave, which is expected to hit in November or December. Despite the fact that millions of individuals have begun vaccinations to protect themselves against the virus, some people remain resistive because they do not believe the vaccine is really safe.

The government is attempting to scare people into getting vaccinated far too aggressively, and some people are beginning to assume that this is a tactic to get them to vaccine. Everyone else is now perplexed, since those who have been vaccinated believe that those who have not been vaccinated will die from the virus, while those who have not been vaccinated believe that the vaccine will kill those who have been vaccinated.

People have died after receiving the vaccine, while others have been hospitalized after receiving two doses of the vaccine but contracting the COVID-19 virus. People were assured that if they got vaccinated, they would be safe from hospitalization and death, and that they would only have mild symptoms.

Some people have confirmed that the vaccine has done exactly that for them, while others have complained about the vaccine's negative effects, and even worse...some of them have died, though it is unclear whether they died as a result of the vaccine or their underlying conditions. This is a personal decision that each individual must make because no one knows the truth and everyone is only guessing.


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