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How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps Using Natural Ways

We can never eliminate the cramps as it's the natural body process but there are a few ways to reduce the menstrual cramps.


Exercise increases the blood circulation in the body. Swimming is the best way as it releases endorphins-The natural painkiller in the body, which gives a lot of relief to the cramps.

Brisk walking improves blood circulation near the pelvic area.

2.Heat Pads:

Place a hot water bottle or heat pad near your lower abdomen and you can instantly notice a lot of relief. If you don't have a water bottle or heat pad, just drench a towel in hot water and place it on your lower abdomen. This method will give you the same relief from the pain.


Research has shown that more calcium we consume the lesser is our period cramps. Calcium helps in maintaining muscle tone, so the lack of calcium causes menstrual cramps too.1200mg of calcium per days is recommended by many dieticians to keep the cramps away. Calcium also reduces water retention and improves the overall mood of the person.

So see that your minimum intake of calcium is 800mg, which is 3 cups of milk. Try consuming only natural sources for best results.


All you need to do is just boil some water and pounded ginger, and sweeten the infusion with honey. Try having it often (at least 3 times) to be relieved from the pain. Have this soothing tea and get relieved from your cramps.

5.Coriander seeds:

A coriander seed is not only the best menstrual cramps remedies that reduce period cramps but also corrects the irregular menstrual cycles. It is achieved by its anti-inflammatory properties.

Boil handful of seeds till you are left with only one cup of water, strain the liquid and drink it. Try taking this tea, twice a day to get good results.

6.Massage with essential oils:

A good massage to the affected area always relieves the pain. A soothing massage for 20 minutes helps to reduce the pain. Acupuncture or applying pressure on few points of the body can give a lot of relief.This technique is also effective in back pain.

Dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil and massage your abdomen for a soothing effect.

Lavender, tea tree and rosemary oil are some of the best fragrances which can be used for menstrual pain relief.

7.Chamomile tea:

Just add two spoons of dried chamomile to water and bring it to boil. But you have to consume this tea 10 days before expecting period cramps. Consumption of this tea relieves the pelvic muscles which reduce the cramps. Try getting dried version of chamomile than the tea bags, as it is believed to be more organic and natural.

Content created and supplied by: LufunoSenyela (via Opera News )


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