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Ultimate Gym Workout For A Perfect Summer Body

December is right around the corner and summer is edging ever so close. It's time to bring out the tank tops and bikinis, it's time to work on your perfect summer body. Now is the perfect time to start because we have 2 months left and believe it or not, two months is all that you will ever need. Now because we are short of time, we are going to have to put it in high gear, so 2 hours a day dedicated to our overall health. Remember have lots of water available in order to hydrate yourself every few minutes. Also make sure to have fruits around as well, if you have a blender available you can juice the fruits and make 100 percent fruit juice. Remember that every good workout starts with a good stretch. Stretching prepares your body and muscles for the soon to come stress, this also minimizes the chances of an injury or sprained muscle. Hit the gym and start with the bench, get an assistant to help you hold the weights and do a few bench presses. You're arms have been doing nothing for a very long time, this will help awaken the muscles in your arms.After completing a set of 20 in sets of 10,s,move on to ropes. You're arms are good and hot right now, so let's strengthen and tone our whole upper body. Hold one rope in each hand and start beating the ground with all your might. This helps straighten your back and strengthen your arms while lifting your breasts. After this gruesome workout, go for a jog that leads you home and go take a shower. Then repeat the same thing again tomorrow. Do this for two months and you will have your ultimate summer Body. Lets Health Ourselves.

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