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Back pain prevention while driving.

It's no wonder that too much sitting causes back and neck pain. Fortunately, the solution

Step 1: stand up! But what do you do when you drive a truck or taxi for a profession and you can't stand it? This solution is a bit more complex. However, there are three steps you can take to prevent and relieve back and neck pain while driving.

Step 1: Use an ACCESSORY lumbar support. Most cars come with inherent lumbar support, but the reality is that these inherent lumbar supports are not enough.

Make sure you buy an accessory rack and use it every time you drive. Lumbar supports discourage sagging and induce a proper curve in the lower back.

Step 2: Configure your driver's seat correctly. Try to sit with your legs and hips at 90 degrees and place your buttocks all the way back in the seat to avoid slouching.

Do not place your arms continuously on the armrest, as this causes the shoulders to hunch. Finally, rest your head against the headrest in place directly above the bulge at the back of your head.

This position places your head in neutral.

Step 3: When possible, get out of your car and walk for five minutes. If you're driving across the country, take advantage of rest stops to walk for 10 minutes.

If possible, pull over to the side of the road to get up and stretch. Driving is a part of everyday life and is a necessity for some people.

While driving is one of the main causes of back pain, there are steps you can take to make your commute more comfortable.

Follow these simple 3 steps to help with the prevention of back pain when you are on the road for a short or long trip.

I hope this helps.

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