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Analysis| This Graph Shows Why The 4th Wave Could Start In November, A Few Days From Now

Date: 19/10/21



The great majority of South Africans were outraged when they heard that the fourth wave of the coronavirus has been predicted to start in November. This was mainly because South Africans are currently enjoying level one of the lockdown which brings with it a lot of freedoms South Africans enjoy.

The thought of all of this ending and another harsh lockdown coming back has very much upset citizens. There is however a valid reason why it is thought that the fourth wave could begin in less than 15 days.


The most important graph to look at at the current moment to try and figure out if this is possible is the current infection graph. This graph is the one that shows where South Africa is with the current wave of infections and how many people are currently infected. The graph is shown below:

What one can notice from the graph is that it is currently at its lowest. This is where the last two waves of infections ended just before they started going up again. It can be seen that currently about 20,000 South Africans are infected. This is around the same number that South Africans had before the third wave started.

When comparing those two numbers we can see that the country cannot go below 20,000 when it comes to the number of infections. With that being said, it is safe to assume that within the next few weeks, the graph might start going up again hence creating the fourth wave of infections.


South Africans should understand that the fourth wave of infection is simply an increase in daily infections. Since this could be the bottom of the third Wave of infections it is safe to say that they must ready themselves for the fourth wave.

The scientists did not just say that the fourth wave of inspections is coming, they had to properly analyse everything and this graph properly shows exactly why they could be telling the truth. South Africa needs to ready itself for more harsher lockdown levels.

What is your what is your take on the matter at hand?

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A Few Days From Now


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