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"I've just tested positive for HIV and I feel like it is the end of the world" A woman caused a stir

Social media has become a space where people share a lot with different people from around the world. Strangers turn into friends due to communicate and sharing similar interests and experiences. However is there a limited when it comes to posting on social media? This is because nowadays it seems people are getting too comfortable about their personal lives been out there. Without any shame or regret a lady took to twitter her HIV status. She mentioned that she recently tested and the results was something she didn't expect. Basically she tested positive for HIV, and she mentioned how difficult this reality is for her. However people couldn't help but express that it is definitely not the end of the world and how she should be grateful for being alive. Some went a step further by providing statistics about the estimated number of individuals living with HIV in the country. This was an encouragement to the lady, as this proved that she wasn't the only one going through such. See more of people's reactions down below;

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