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Wits SRC oppose mandatory vaccine forced towards students and university staff

Wits SRC shouldstay put. For me this is not even about the vaccine. I love Wits but it's systems have always excluded the poor & disadvantaged, I have a lot of personal stories to tell on that. Disadvantaged personal within Wits institution need to be protected, make it clear.

However, I encourage people to get vaccinated... No one should be forced though and it's Wits SRC duty to see that through

This I understand, that as much as it is not a prerequisite but many entities can easily formulate policies to constructively force people who want to work for/with them to vaccinate because that right is exclusively reserved for them.

Why do the vaccinated people need protection if the vaccine works? But hey, trust the government because they really care about your health and well being right!!

We should keep in mind that Vaxx just ensures you have "less pain" when you contract COVID, basically makes symptoms less severe. It does not prevent infection and death!! IT DOES NOTT!

I support the Wits SRC, it's nonsensical to take a decision to vaccinate then be terrified of being around the unvaccinated person, if you trust your vaccine and the illusion given to you that even if you contract Covid-19, you won't be hospitalized.

And the vaccinated still have the potential to transmit the virus. So why subject the unvaccinated to weekly tests and leave out the vaccinated who can also spread Covid-19? They want to give ahead against all odd and force everyone to vaccinate in the process.

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