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South Africa had 1332 new Covid-19 cases on Monday

The fight against the pandemic continues in South Africa despite the decrease in the daily infections . In accordance with what was shared on Monday by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases , it was confirmed that South Africa had recorded a total of 1 332 new Covid-19 cases .

The figure took the total number of cases that have been identified to 3 582 691 . The good news however is that there have been people who have managed to shake off the pandemic and recovered . There have been 3 413 926 recoveries since the year 2020 when the pandemic was still detected .

The current number of active Covid-19 cases in accordance with what was shared on Monday evening is that there are 74 500 cases that re still active in the whole of South Africa .

As a result of the tens of thousands of active Covid-19 cases , people still need to play it safe .This is inclusive of measures which include wearing masks always . It does not matter whether police are there or not , but wearing a mask prevents against passing the virus to other people , and even infecting others .

It does not matter how much you trust your friends or families , but when you are meeting them , make it a point that you are wearing a mask .

It was revealed in the information that was shared on Monday that there were 17 187 Covid-19 tests that were conducted . Testing for Covid-19 is one of the important steps towards curbing its spread .

When you notice some symptoms that may be similar to those of Covid-19 , it is advisable to quickly get tested . Knowledge on whether you are positive or negative is important as it enables one to know whether to isolate and help prevent spreading the pandemic if the result will be positive.


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