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HIV is not a death sentence, take your ARVs says the girl who is HIV from birth: Opinion

HIV was once the monster of all time, it was scary and deadly. It was the most dreadful disease ever and it made a huge mark in the African continent leaving many people in fear. As it stands right now, there are people that still shake when they hear about it or find out they have got it. The treatment for HIV is very effective but people are left with the track record of what HIV and AIDS did some years ago. Many homes were left desolate, it took mothers, fathers, children and babies. Many homes are abandoned even today nobody is there because AIDS killed the whole generation.

The dangerous thing about it, it was that, it could easily spread due to that people were ignorant about it. Other people did not believe that it was incurable. Other people were mistaken it for other normal sicknesses, other would consult native doctors and use native medicines thinking that it was witchcraft. The world worked hard to find treatment because they realise that, people would prefer to die of AIDS than for them to stop having sex. So they had to come up with this treatment of ARVs because otherwise, nobody would survive. This sickness was more than a natural disaster and pandemics. Thank God for science, the sickness is now reduced to nothing.

ARVs are very powerful to supress the virus to a point where it can be undetectable and untransmissible. People also have an option the take Prep, in case they have been exposed to the infection. So the disease is no more scary as it used to be.[0]=AZW6vuxK9uAKPh_ev5OkV9KepqcNgOrOEIqnFDQh2wsyghArbubDoZ7NPkP_Kh4iIAY4ihgpwu3uMWzaCICJXGy31nCmbQZwWYoAilGOPzAaz9IzbXc2nDNAbhDNxSs2IQrJRNtqKwr9833r3m1fBCWz&__tn__=%3C%3C%2CP-R

Batswana Inspired By Young, Beautiful and Brave HIV Positive Motswana Woman. She Said she hope nothing hinders you from your ARV intake. Normalize taking your ARVs, Tlotlo made headlines few years ago after she revealed her HIV status. Revealed that, both of her parents died because of HIV/ AIDS. Also said Says Parents passed on when she was 6 years in 2006.

I hope nothing hinders you from your ARV intake. Normalize taking your ARVs with you wherever you go. If you suspect you will be back home later than the fixed time of your dose intake then take a pill or the pills with you. Whether you’re traveling, grooving, sleeping over at other people’s houses, you should make sure you still take your medication. There is no reason enough to not take your ARVs.

Let’s all aim to suppressing our viral loads and become undetectable. Remember undetectable=untransmissible when you see me like this, I’m taking mine. I hope you’ve taken/are taking/yet to take yours!” writes Tlotlo Moilwa on her Facebook page.

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