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Menstrual pains, heavy cycles and infertility may be caused by Endometriosis, find out more

Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grow outside of the uterine cavity.

The condition occurs when endometrial tissues grows on the ovaries, bowel, and tissue lining the pelvis.

The hormonal changes of your menstrual cycle affects the misplaced endometrial tissue, causing the area to become inflamed and painful. This means the tissue will grow, thicken and break down. Over time the tissue that has broken down has nowhere to go and becomes trapped in the pelvis.

The tissue trapped in the pelvis may cause

- irritation

- scar formation

- adhesions, in which tissue binds the pelvis organs together

-severe pain that occur during the menstrual cycle

- fertility problems

The symptoms of Endometriosis may differ, it is important to pay close attention these symptoms below, that are very common:

- Painful periods

- cramps 1 or 2 weeks around menstruation

- heavy menstrual bleeding or bleeding between periods

- infertility

- pain during sexual intercourse

- discomfort with bowel movements

- lower back pain that may occur at any time during the menstrual cycle.

The above a signs that one needs to see a doctor, or get medical attention.

Medical and surgical options are available to help reduce the symptoms and manage any potential complications, A doctor will recommend the best condition suited for you.

Endometriosis complications

Having infertility issues is one of the serious complication of endometriosis. People with mild forms may have trouble trying to concieve and it could be difficult for them to carry a baby to term.

Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues may arise as they are not common in people with endometriosis.


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