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OPINION: With immediate effect, on a severe note This could happen in December 2021 in South Africa

With immediate effect, on a severe note This could happen in December 2021 in South Africa.

On certain days, South Africans could expect a strict curfew.On a serious note with immediate effect This could happen in South Africa this December 2021

South Africa is one of the countries with a high number of people testing positive for Corona virus disease, and while some people believe that things have improved since the vaccination program began in South Africa, others argue that they will not be vaccinated, and it is past time for our government to listen to us and stop forcing us because we have our own rights, which they cannot deny us.

True, this government does not take us seriously, and we've discovered that when they need things to go their way, they put us on lockdown, and that's when they reap the benefits. Because they realized that elections were approaching and that they needed to go door to door, the government put us back on lockdown. They were holding gatherings during their sessions, which was against Covid 19's law.

We're approaching December, when people should be enjoying themselves, and President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa can return us to those lockdowns where people won't enjoy themselves, but when it's their time to enjoy, no one can say no. People need to awaken their eyes because this government will soon be able to rule us since we are far too many.

If Covid 19 is hazardous, it was intended to be dangerous on November 1st, when people queued for hours merely to vote for someone to manage them the next day.A lockdown is a policy that requires people or communities to remain in their current location owing to specific threats to themselves or others if they are allowed to travel and interact freely. Lockdowns that effect an area rather than specific sites are commonly referred to as "stay-at-home" or "shelter-in-place.

The word refers to a jail policy that prohibits people, information, or items from leaving a specific region. Only someone in a position of power may normally commence the protocol.

A lockdown can also be used to safeguard individuals inside a facility or a computing system, for example, from a threat or other external event. Doors leading to the outside of buildings are normally locked so that no one may enter or escape. People must stay put and may not enter or exit a building or any of its rooms during a full lockdown, and if they are not already there, they must travel to the nearest designated safe location.

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