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Uses of Morning Urine and Milk You Probably Didn't Know About - OPINION

Morning Urine has always been a thing since the longest time. Nowadays, it's known as urine therapy. Morning urine is said to have medicinal and cosmetic properties that treats anything from ance to cancer.

Some will exclaim, euw! Not my urine. Which is natural urine is a bodily waste which could have bacteria, toxins which could have harmful substances introduced to your bloodstream.

But on the other hand, morning urine is known to be very beneficial to humans as it is used as blessed holy water. A person who is having a hard time in life is advised to make use of urine for a breakthrough.

It also said that morning urine is used to ward off evil spirits and witches from you. As a person in this world we have enemies even the ones hidden to us that we truly trust and love.

We are targeted to make our lifes a living hell. We're fighting battles with people you never done wrong bit because of jealous. People want us to be poor, struggle and never succeed in life.

Okay let go back to the real reason we wrote this article. Milk plus urine combination is known to work wonders and open long closed doors. Here's what you'll need to do to put this into work.

Get a container, fill it with your very first urine mix it milk. After bathing in the morning as usual, apply this mixture in your face then rinse.

Do this consecutively for 7 days. On the seventh day, drink the leftover milk all of it. While doing all this your mind need to be so focused and recite your every bit of wish.

If you want marriage, job, money and love you need to say that. If You're in your periods ypu shouldn't do this ritual. Because blood will degrade the potency of this mixture.

Also it's advised to not make use of this mixture after you have had an intercourse and also don't do it until you're finished with the ritual. So you'll be fasting from intercourse or any other physical contacts with a man or woman.


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Morning Urine


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