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For Men: 3 Things That Cause Watery Sperm

Sperm is a fluid component of a man's body that is commonly referred to as a male reproductive cell. Though every man will begin to develop it at some point in his life. To fertilize an egg, the sperm cell must first encounter an ovum (an egg cell produced by the female reproductive system), which is released during sexual contact. develop a new offering by penetrating and fertilizing the egg.

Semen is a white, viscous liquid by nature. Semen, on the other hand, can alter in color and viscosity under a variety of circumstances. Potential fertility issues may be indicated by a lack of reproductive cells in the semen. It's possible that thin, transparent semen discharge is a transitory ailment that doesn't pose any health risks.

Men's watery sperm can be caused by any of these three factors.

Overconsumption of alcoholic beverages

The kidney, heart, brain, and other vital organs can all be harmed by alcohol, in addition to your reproductive cells.

Reproductive cell count, size, shape, and motility can all be affected by alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol has been proven to impair testosterone, follicle-stimulating, hormone, and luteinizing levels, which reduce the development of your male cells in a fertility study.


Excess sugar consumption has also been linked to watery sperm in men. Refined sugar intake impairs the body system, which in turn has a negative impact on the health of your reproductive cells.

Enormous Interactions

Watery semen may also result from frequent intercourse. After the first discharge, the quality of your semen is likely to deteriorate if you masturbate frequently. A good amount of semen may take your body several hours to generate.

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