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Eat so many grams of gram daily to get relief from constipation, read now

 In today's time, due to poor lifestyle, addiction and lack of physical exercise, a quarter of the population of the world is troubled by the problem of constipation. According to experts, now the food has changed as compared to earlier, fast food and more fried, roasted spicy food kills the good germs present in the stomach and causes constipation. There are other problems as well which can be neglected. But if you want, you can get relief from constipation by adopting these 5 ways. Let's know about them:-

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 1. Drink a glass of water every hour

 If you have indigestion/constipation, drink more water. Be sure to drink a glass of water every hour. If you are not overweight, then mix sugar candy and fennel. It burps quickly and tastes good. Mixing salt, sugar and roasted cumin seeds in water is also good. Applying peepli and salt on lemon and sucking it also provides relief in constipation. Taking roasted carom seeds mixed with rock salt provides relief in digestive problems.

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 2. Drink two glasses of water as soon as you wake up in the morning

 After waking up in the morning, go to freshen up on time. If you avoid it, then it gradually leads to constipation. To avoid this, drink 2-3 glasses of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will put pressure on the large intestine and the stomach will be cleared easily. It is better if the water is lukewarm. Whenever you feel that you want to be fresh, then do not do any other work because then the intestines are more active.

 3. Take Plenty of Fiber Diet

 Fiber diet is very important for stomach. It helps in contraction of the intestines. For this, eat barley, gram and wheat bread. Eat only bran and unleavened rotis. Do not eat refined or refined flour. Green leafy vegetables are also high in fiber. Do not eat the fruit peeled off. Removing the peel reduces the amount of fiber. Include fiber-rich oatmeal in breakfast.

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 4. Eat 100 grams of gram daily

 Chana is very good for stomach. In summer, it should be roasted or made into sattu. It can also be taken in indigestion. 100 grams of gram should be eaten daily. It is rich in protein and calories. Due to this, the body also gets sufficient amount of energy. It also provides immediate relief in constipation.

 5. 8 hours of sleep required

 Good sleep is essential to avoid constipation. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Get up early in the morning. There is no exercise beyond getting up late. It also causes constipation. Stress also causes constipation. So do such work that does not cause stress. If intoxicated, quit immediately. It also worsens digestion.

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