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World Aids Day 2021message from UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima

UNAIDS warns of millions AIDS-related deaths and continued devastation from pandemics if leaders don't address the inequality.

In 10 years from now 7.7 million people would die, from AIDS-related deaths — if world leaders fail to address the inequality. According to UNAIDS the existence of inequality contribute to HIV/AIDS persistence. The inequality generally, is a cause of all evil as well as a source of suffering not only to diseases such as AIDS — but also contribute to hunger and a low-living standard of human-beings particularly in the Continent of Africa. As it is reported and it's on record that the disease comes from Africa — which originated from a chimpanzee.

Source/ >( PRESS STATEMENT: WORLD AIDS DAY 2021 message from Executive Director Winnie Byanyima )


Basically the inequality itself, it's a disease. If the inequality is a man-made, then the maker never know that what they made would back-fired. Although no cure for AIDS, however, it's treatment is biased — there's one for the haves and other one for no-haves. Where a distinctive line of inequality can be drawn on AIDS? There's a AIDS treatment cheaper pill for poor people and on other hand, is an expensive pill only elites rich people can afford.

World rich countries failed Africa &Aids victims:

Since the pandemic HIV/AIDS reported have originated from Africa — meaning African Continent is a carrier of this particular pandemic. However, the very same Continent is ignored or sidelined when comes to all-health-necessity supply. Africans can not afford expensive aids-drug. Only few African elitists can afford such pill — which has longer-lasting sustainability of aids lease of life, due to high quality of vitamins involved.

This in essence indicates, vast majority of people living with HIV/AIDS — either unaware or aware but can't afford for the quality treatment. Left with no choice but only to opt for lesser quality pill — that do not keep the patients health's longevity sustainable.

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