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Another Minister of ANC tests positive of covid-19. Were they vaccinated?. Read more

We tried to knock on different doors but seems like there are no answers, is about time we change our strategy of knocking and knocking on the heaven door maybe we will get answers for this covid-19 virus.


This matter is no longer in our hands now, we just need to accept defeat and seek help from the owner of everything. We all thought things are getting better past few days, not knowing that more is to come, we are just lying to ourselves. Covid-19 is nowhere to go, is here to stay with us.

In past weeks we had unpleasant news about our Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi who was attacked by this monster virus. While we were still wishing him a speedy recovery it attacked another Minister. One may say this virus targeted leadership too much, it doesn't want to give them chance and some even lose their lives because of this virus.

Minister of Social Development Lindiwe Zulu tests positive of the covid-19 virus, is not yet confirmed it is a new variant of Omicron that attacked both Minister of Social Development and Home Affairs. Both Ministers were vaccinated but that wasn't enough to stop covid-19 to infect them, that will only help them to not lay at hospital beds.

Who is next?.

What do you think should be done to finish this monster virus that is taking the lives of our beloved ones?. Please kindly leave your thoughts about this matter. Your thoughts can help many people and save their lives.

May God continues to protect us from this evil world. With the name of Jesus Amen.

Thanks for your time and effort going through our article, let's hold hands and fight this virus together. Let's not forget our creator who created the world and the earth. Is time we call upon his name and seek help, we shall be saved.

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