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Some people think sleeping with albinos cures HIV/AIDS – Disability advocate


Chizaram Onyemaechi, a Nigerian lady with albinism, has talked about some of the challenges her illness has caused. Chizaram said in an exclusive interview with Punch Newspaper that she was originally from the Umahia Local Government Area in Abia State even though she was born in Lagos.

She acknowledged that when she was growing up, she had encountered several instances of prejudice from her peers. She said that her classmates used to make fun of her because of her sickness. When she was in high school, several people told her that she wouldn't live very long since albinism raises a person's risk of developing cancer.

There was still prejudice in higher education. When asked about her experience with relationships, Chizaram acknowledged that she is a very sensitive person since she doesn't want to do anything that would hurt her feelings.

She claimed that a few years ago, she had a lover, but he dumped her because his friends teased him for dating an albino lady. The majority of people who indicated interest in dating her, she said, did so simply so they could taste her body.

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