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These Are The Benefits of taking a hot bath for 30 minutes

You have probably noticed how relaxed you become after a bath. It is relaxing and refreshing. There are so many benefits of taking a bath, especially a 30 minutes hot bath. Below are some of the benefits.

1. More sleep

After bathing, your body becomes so relaxed, and almost as if it is prepared to rest. You sleep much better, and longer after a hot water bath.

2. Ease sinus pain

Cold and allergy symptoms can be eased soaking in the hot water. During this moment, keep the door closed and let the steam build up to loosen the mucus. You may also add some bath salts to the water for extra cold-busting power.

3. Ease sore muscles

Hot water will bring ease to tightened muscles and increase blood flow. Add in the simple pleasure of soaking in the hot water and you have magic.

4. Improves Breathing

Taking a hot bath can actually improve lung functions. Warm water places pressure on your chest and forces oxygen intake to improve. 

5. Improve Blood Flow

This is not only great for sore muscles, but can also increase blood flow to the brain too. 

Please note that if you don't have time to bath /soak in hot water, you can always sip on some hot tea for similar results. Don't throw yourself into boiling water, the water must be comfortable enough for you to get in. 

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