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What they didn't tell you about mirrors.

Mirrors were made 200 years ago

Mirrors are the creepiest things in the house

Don't place mirrors near or infront of Windows

If you make two mirrors face each other you've made an unexplained Fung Shui.

Jewish people have been known to cover up all mirrors in their house if one of the family members dies.

Mirrors are the gateways of souls💀

Sleeping with a mirror facing your bed can cause hallucinations

Ancient Roman's believed that breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck

If four big mirrors are around you, you'll fall asleep and have a nightmare.

It's bad to look at the mirror at 2-3 pm because some souls are also looking it, especially ‘dead fashion experts'

Vanity Is Associated With Mirrors

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Can Cause People To Hate Their Reflection

According to Science, A Parallel World Inside Mirrors Would Be An Inhospitable Place

Some People Believe Mirrors Are A Link To The Supernatural World

Covering Mirrors After A Person Has Passed Is A Tradition In Some Cultures

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