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Why Use Tramadol when you can go 3hours using this Natural remedy?

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When a man finally gets his wife in the mood and can't go more than one round, it's the most disappointing period of his life.

This heinous incident prompted a man to take tramadol and sleep with a runs girl, finally dying as a result. He died in active service, in my opinion.

Synthetic medications that last a long time are harmful to men's lives but not to women's, so you should avoid them.

Try this natural cure that works like magic to keep her going till she's exhausted.

This natural food is what you consume on a regular basis. The distinction is in the combinations.

1st step:

Collect the following food materials:



C. Milk in liquid form

D.Tiger Nut

E. A container

2nd Step

The banana should be peeled and sliced into slices.

3rd step:

Fill the container with milk (it could be a cup, bowl, or any small dish), then add the groundnuts and Tiger Nuts.

4th Step:

Combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl and set aside.

4th Step:

After an hour of patience, go ahead and take action.

Note: Do not mix it with water and do not drink it thereafter. Water can be consumed prior to the procedure, but not afterwards.

That's all there is to it; your wife will be aware that the eagle has landed...

However, be gentle with her because she is someone's daughter please.

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