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Heartbreaking-Secret: You will never get vaccinated after reading this


With each and every passing moment, the government keeps finding creative ways to get the citizens to vaccinate. In the past few weeks there has been an incentive that those who are vaccinated will get free entrance to watch the clash between Bafana Bafana vs Ethiopia in the World cup qualifiers.


While this approach might have worked, a heartbreaking secret has come to light, that will make many South Africans think twice before receiving their own jab of the vaccine. A footage has been making rounds on Social media, that has left many people who are vaccinated scared for their lives due to the health risks that have been discovered by a medical doctor in Britain.

In the footage, this is what the doctor was saying:

"We have found that the getting the second jab of the vaccine decreases and compromises your immune system by 35%, and the first one decreases it by at least 15%. If you take any booster shots you will unfortunately pass away, that's it. you take a flu shot in the future you will die. The vaccine contains anti-body enhancements that tricks the body into believing that the cell that is eating the pathogen is eating it when it is not- which leads to organ failure. Which will cause your death, and once you are in there is no stopping that." said the doctor.


He went on to say that everyone who has taken the jab is blood clotting, and that if they do not believe him there is a way that they can find out- which is to take the D-Dimer test, which spots clotting a very microscopic level. He closed off by saying that where the tests are done, the surgeons are working overtime, cutting blood clots out of millions innocent people who did not know what they where getting into.


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