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A New Variant is spreading Rapidly in South Africa and it much Faster than Previous Variants

HOTEL CROSS TRANSMISSION OF #B11529 Traveler from South Africa flew to Hong Kong with new variant but wasn’t discovered until 4th day of quarantine on 2nd PCR.

Another guest across hallway cross-infected only positive on 8th day on 4th PCR! Both Pfizer vaccinated.

The viral load of these two with #B11529 in Hong Kong hotels were VERY high. PCR Ct values of 18 and 19!!! That’s insanely high considering they were negative on recent PCR tests.It looks like vaccine evasion could be real with this variant.

The hotel guests were in different room across the hallway from each other. Environmental samples found the virus in 25 of 87 swab across both rooms.

The investigation team took 87 env samples in and around their rooms, and found 25 of them positive, from both rooms. Let’s finally look at the relative growth plotted by jburnmurdoch - cases of #B11529 surging much faster than Delta. Caveat is that cases are low. But this would be very worrisome if confirmed in the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned. Stay safe.

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