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Many more different types of Vaccines may be coming, using the Covid 19 Vaccine technology. Opinion

The Development of the Covid 19 Vaccine is being called a pure miracle of science. From it's short development time to the number of people who have been administered with it. It's a true marvel, However, early predictions say we do not have to stop there. The technology that was use to create the Covid 19 Vaccine, could be used to create many more vaccines in the future.

Many people believe that the Covid 19 Vaccine could be a significant leap in Healthcare. Not just for the current Pandemic but for many viruses we were dealing with before the pandemic, and viruses that we will deal with in the future.

The general belief is that the technology used to create the Covid 19 vaccine, in the astoundingly short time that it did, can be put towards creating other vaccines in the future. Ones that help us deal with a whole scope of things, from malaria to cancer.

However, with this comes a different type of future. A future filled with vaccines and it's a future we should be wary of. For several reasons which I cover down below.

The Future of Vaccines :

If this prediction is right than we will be able to get vaccines for some of our biggest health problems. However we should tread lightly. Vaccines are something that many people do not trust for various reasons, while I cannot prove of disprove their trust, I do believe that caution is extremely important, especially when it comes to things that will just be injected into our body. Personally I believe that just because vaccines can be developed at a quick rate, it doesn't mean they should be administered at that rate. Instead scientists should be given an appropriate times to check the dangers of each vaccine before people take it.

People like you and I should also check the dangers. Through independent research and study we should be sure about everything before we take a future vaccine. This is not to say that they will be dangerous, because hopefully the right amount of time will be put into studying it, this is rather as a cautionary measure. Our protection is solely our responsibility and should be take seriously. What do your think of a vaccine future. Will you be taking them or not, tell me down in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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