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Pfizer| Children under the age of 5 to be vaccinated? See recent announcement from Pfizer.

Pfizer is one of the brands of Covid-19 vaccines that are available in South Africa. With Pfizer you are suppose to get two doses of the vaccine before you are fully vaccinated. The doses should be taken at least 6 weeks apart for one to be fully vaccinated.

Pfizer is currently available for children between the ages of 12 to 17 years of age. Pfizer has recently announced that it will soon have enough data on children under the age of 5 receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. This came after epidemiologists announced that there is an increase in hospital admissions of children under the age of 5 for Covid-19 infections.

This announcement is hope for many parents whose children are at high risk of getting the infection.

Let's continue to sanitize, wear our masks and social distance as well as vaccinate to protect our loved ones from this virus.

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