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Here Is A Powerful Mixture That Heals Almost Every Sickness

People get sick every now and then, sometimes we get healed from these sickness without doing anything, sometimes we have to consult with a doctor so that they can prescribe medication for us. Sometimes for us to get healed we might also need to be admitted at a hospital so that doctors can do more tests on us to help them get the treatment which will help up us

With that being said, one can assume that the best way to get treatment when you are sick is by going to the hospital or clinic. But there are some diseases that just won't disappear no matter how many doctors, clinics and hospitals we visit, what could be the problem, and how can you solve it?

Sometimes the illness we have are not the illness that needs Western medication, but traditional African medication. Some of these sickness needs people to consult spiritual so that they can get assistance. The reason why you might need a spiritual assistance is because some of these sickness are caused by witches, to heal something which was caused spiritually, you need to fight it spiritually

This remedy, or mixture, or ritual, however you call it, is meant to fight all the diseases caused by witchcraft. To make this mixture, you need the following ingredients

1. FG coffee (2 spoons)

2. Trekker coffee (2 spoons)

3. Cocoa (2 spoons)

4. Brown vinegar (5 spoons)

5. Excel cooking oil (5 spoons)

6. Powder Chillies (2 spoons)

7. Ginger (grate it to 2 spoons)

8. Garlic ( grate it to 2 spoons)

The instructions for this are very simple, you simply mix all those mixtures together, you don't add water, you mix them the way they are. After the mixture, you eat two spoons in the morning and in the afternoon









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