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Doctor finally Reveals What Is Safer Between The Vaccine And Covid-19

Date: 11/10/21



Ever since the virus was discovered in the world, there has not been a time where people doubted how dangerous it was. Everyone tried everything to prevent themselves from getting the virus but when the vaccines were introduced into the equation, people starting question whether or not the vaccines were safe. This then made people wonder what is more dangerous to get, the vaccines or the virus and a doctor clarified it all.


A verified health specialist took to Twitter to urge everyone who is busy questioning the safety of the vaccines against the virus to stop. He explained how there are so many vaccines available, some of them may be less effective at dealing with the virus but each and every one of them are safer for you than getting the virus itself.

This then means that it doesn't matter what type of vaccine you get because all of them protect you to some degree than not having the vaccine altogether. This is a good way to look at things, especially for those who are busy doubting the vaccines.


Not getting the vaccine has been said to be the riskiest decision an individual can take. It is safe to know what you're putting yourself through if you chose not to vaccinate. It is said that you might suffer more than the person with the vaccine if you're to catch the virus.

With that being said, it is the safest decision to get the jab. The government will not force you to do so but what they want you to be aware of is that your life is more at risk without the vaccines in your body to protect you.

What is your take on the matter?

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