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Covid-19| Good news about the new Omicron variant

The war against Covid-19 is still an on-going battle, it looks like it is far from over. The fight is no longer about fighting the original virus that was discovered in China back in 2019. There are a number of other variants that were discovered in different countries.

Some of the variants are more trammissible than the original Covid-19 virus that was discovered in China.

The whole of South Africa went on panic mode last week after the announcement that there has been a new variant that was discovered in the country. At the time of the announcement, very little was known about the new variant.

More information about the new variant came to light, the name of the new is the Omicron variant. This is another variant of the Corona Virus.

It was discovered that the Omicron seems to spread quickly. According to the source, "SA Medical Association chair Dr Angelique Coetzee said that the Omicron variant has not shown severe symptoms but that could change in the future".

The sufferers are so far showing mild symptoms.

The variant has been blamed for rise on Covid-19 cases in the country recently and leading the country into the fourth wave.

The good news is that, no severe symptoms of the variant has been seen so far, but its far too early to relax because anything can change.

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