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Disease prevention and treatment

If you are HIV positive or know somebody who is, buy Black Seed oil and organic Honey and do this

if you are HIV positive or know somebody who Black Seed oil and organic Honey,....two table spoons on an empty stomach....Morning & evening....Please share this tweet with others

Black seed oil and organic honey, on empty stomach. Mix them together on table spoon and have them. 2 table spoon in the morning

And late again before you sleep. After 6 months go test again

But it does mean as long as treatment is adhered to and viral load remains undetectable, they cannot transmit HIV to others and their health is not affected by HIV.

there’s always something out there that is likely being hidden from us.

Could never truat these pharmaceuticals 

I really hope this works coz I bet it’s raised some pple’s hopes

Don't think its advisable for someone who has been on arvs already. Once saw on Facebook this other lady used to teach about such things but discouraged those who have been on treatment

I've read that Black Seed Oil cures everything but death. What I want to know is if you or someone close to you have tried this & it works. Now, I don't have any type of diseases or anything. I just like to read upon natural medicine to learn more. It seems we may need it now

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