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PHOTOS || See Stories Of How They Managed To Lose Half Their Body Weight - Before And After Surgery.

My 600-pound Life is one of the most addictive television shows, not only because it showcases people transforming their lives via physical and mental improvements, but also because it reminds us that we are all human beings with our own issues. The show follows the lives of 600-pound adults who take drastic measures to improve their health. Check out the best of the year!

1. Christina Phillips.

Christina Phillips started off weighing over 700 pounds and finished up weighing 183 pounds. Your route was not pleasant, but she was able to start a new life for herself thanks to the gastric bypass and some healthy eating recommendations. During the interview, she told PEOPLE, "Getting my life back was really fantastic, and now I've got so much more to do." "Everything is in order." I couldn't walk more than 8 feet without getting dizzy.

2. Amber Rachdi's

Step 3 was Amber Rachdi's first episode. This incident has largely been forgotten. After starting at 657 pounds and reducing over 400 pounds, it's currently 250 pounds. Her three-year search feels like it would never end. "I think it's a fantastic resource because of the temporary impact it has on your body's leptin cycle, stomach-coping ability, and insulin secretion processes," says the author. I consider buying a heavyweight fighter on occasion to assist him in developing new routines, seeking treatment, and making wise decisions on his own.

3. Marla Mccants

Marla Mccants' tale was one of the most emotional on the evening. Her previous lover took her as a prisoner, and her weight began to rise. She started out weighing around 800 pounds. They were taken aback by her state when she went to the physicians, believing she was only a week away from his death. It's now over 400 pounds lighter, up to 336 pounds.

4. Donald Shelton

Donald Shelton started out at 675 pounds in 2012. His journey was more challenging than half-way due to his diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome. He plunged to £275, but when his sickness passed, he saved £200. After dedicating himself to weight loss, he might drop weight again. "I'm in a wheelchair, but don't let that fool you; I can still do whatever you can!!!!!!!

5. Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris weighed 653 pounds on the show approximately 11 years ago. She lost about 500 pounds and altered her lifestyle thanks to circumvention. During her cycle, she went through divorce and had two children, which added to the burden of her journey. Melissa told interviewees, "I was pleased to be a mother, but I was sad that I had to leave everything." "Until I dropped weight, I was deprived, and I barely lived." I had no concept how many would have an effect on the lives of a mother.

6. Paula

After her weight reduction operation, Paula lost more than 400 pounds, an extraordinary achievement that taught her a lot about herself. He states that the best part about her weight loss is that she can now spend more time with her children since I can compete with you more. I'm making an effort to be mentally and physically well." She now speaks honestly and confidently about her abilities.

7. Diana

Diana Was, a Seattle native, suffers from an eating disorder. She had a traumatic upbringing with severe dietary restrictions. She lost 265 pounds and as a result was able to live a healthier and happier life.

8. June McCamey

June McCamey says of her weight-loss struggle, "It's perfectly fine not to be perfect all of the time." They are confident in their abilities to work long-term and lay a solid basis for future brick work. It used to be around 600 pounds, but it's now around 242 pounds.

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