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Is it a coincidence that COVID-19 will resume its functions end of November?

Is it a coincidence that COVID-19 will resume its functions end of November?

While you're here, please follow me!

News have recently come in that there's a high chance for COVID-19 to resume to its high volumes of infections end of November. The good thing about Covid-19 is that it doesn't just attack, it's a PLANdemic, meaning that it comes in scheduled intervals. It was able to rest for the upcoming elections and will only resume its duties after the said period.

Because of the accurate estimations of COVID-19 infection rates, people are of the view that the estimations are correct since this does come off as a man's disease, taking a break at infections and resuming after certain tasks have been performed! When the agenda suits the controllers of the disease, they can simply pause and resume it. Is it a coincidence that this supposed pandemic actually only goes to the 4th wave after elections?

Such an intelligent virus announcing it's arrival....when I was super optimistic that the numbers will decline further. Such a party pooper! @ThandiMoratuwa

Lmao and obedient South Africans will obey the silly Covid rules as usual because since the arrival of this scam of a virus majority has stopped using their minds they now depend on Cyril Ramaposa for thinking & making their own decision. 😂 @MissB20

After the elections right? Yeah,definitely

This planned Virus is starting to bore me come with something modern man ... 🤒 Just shoot us, we are tired already

Clever Covid-19 knows when the elections will end, and it will start hunting each and everyone of you who votes for the DA, and Mashaba. @BrianTloubatla

We haven't heard of any covid 19 issues since Aug. so how convenient are we gonna have 4th wave in November? Same election month..yall stop playing with us because it's really not good. there was an essay going around saying the covid 19 has been on hold due to elections like tf! @mbatha_kwanda

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